Thursday, September 25, 2008

presto magix

who remembers
Presto Magix?

circa - early 1980's

I loved these things!
My mom would always let me get one when
we went to the supermarket

They came in a little pack
which included a sheet with an illustrated background
to rub your decal on.

The decals were like the material of temporary tattoos,
and when you rubbed with a pencil over the back of the sheet,
they would adhere to the surface of the page
You make characters appear wherever the hell you wanted them to
on the provided canvas.

I would also use them on my note books,
bedroom door decorations.. wherever!

I still had them all over my door - right up until I moved out
My mom took the door down and re-finished it
and turned my room into a guest room
do you believe that shit??
Those were classic!!! - She obviously doesn't know what good is.